Custom hydraulic cylinders manufacturing

Our company has more than just years of experience. We have unique experience in custom hydraulic cylinders manufacturing according to customer requirements. Our qualified staff is very flexible in finding new technical solutions, which are based on tests under real conditions. Our unique and finely tuned machining equipment (long lathes and equipment for boring and honing of long tubes of large diameter) plays a crucial role in production.

We manufacture a wide range of custom hydraulic cylinders for various industries: strong and reliable hydraulic cylinders for cranes; double-acting cylinders for aggressive environments; standard double-acting cylinders with a rated pressure of 250 bar or more; double-acting pulling hydraulic cylinders, with heavier pulling forces and stronger eyes; hydraulic cylinders with reinforced rod guides and piston heads to control increased rod deflection at long stroke; reliable hydraulic cylinders for forklifts; cylinders for agricultural machinery; telescopic hydraulic cylinders.

From raw materials to the finished product, we always find the perfect solution for our customers. Machining, welding, assembly and painting - we do it all ourselves and provide full quality control at every production stage.

customized hydraulic cylinders

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Features that can be modified depending on your operating conditions

Piston stroke - our production facilities allow us to manufacture hydraulic cylinders with a stroke of up to 16,000 mm.

Piston diameter - you can choose from 40 mm to 1000 mm.

Rod diameter - Ranging from 12 mm to 600 mm.

Working pressure - we produce hydraulic cylinders with working pressure up to 70 mPa.

Connection to the hydraulic system - standard hydraulic cylinders use nipples. Other connections can be engineered on request.

Cylinder's mounting is rigid, by means of eyebolts, ball joints or bearing brackets.

Working temperature ranges from -55C to +250C.

Type of seals - Please let us know the required sealing parameters in your enquiry.

Surface treatment - We can apply any coating on the cylinder body. Chrome or paint in any colour you desire. It is possible to provide a petrol-resistant coating.