About telescopic hydraulic cylinders

Our customers are often faced with different requirements when designing equipment. For example, the hydraulic cylinder to be used in the folded state must be sufficiently compact in size. But at the same time the stroke of the hydraulic cylinder in working position must be larger than when it is folded. To meet such requirements, Eurobalt manufactures telescopic hydraulic cylinders according to individual customer requirements. Our company's capacities enable the production of single-acting telescopic hydraulic cylinders and double-acting telescopic hydraulic cylinders with various types of mountings. Production of a double-acting telescopic cylinder is more complicated and costly, and the design of such a hydraulic cylinder is more complex.


In simple terms, a telescopic hydraulic cylinder consists of several nested and sliding cylindrical segments of different diameters. And there can be two, three, four or even five or six of these segments. This design provides a compact size in the retracted state and a fairly long stroke. 

High Quality Raw Materials

  • Honed liners are produced from standard ST52 and special 42CrMo4 materials with an accuracy grade up to H8
  • Internal surface finish Ra 0,3
  • Chrome plated rods made from SK45 and 20MnV6 materials. Surface hardness is 60HRC, surface finish is R0.2 and up to 50 mkm chrome plating thickness


Due to this design and size, this type of hydraulic cylinders is widely used in trucks for lifting and lowering bodies, in booms of lifting equipment for extending their sections, in various types of lift equipment, in drilling equipment, in trailers and semi-trailers of agricultural machinery and so on.

Analyzing all the orders that we have taken in our work and the growing needs of our customers (among which there are manufacturers of machinery and equipment designed to work in harsh conditions and corrosive environments) we can conclude that the most common type is single-acting telescopic hydraulic cylinders. Double-acting telescopic hydraulic cylinders are used much less often, as they are more complex and costly to produce. Their design includes a more complex hydraulic fluid supply system and requires additional seals, and the production process itself is longer and requires the use of additional equipment.

Production of telescopic hydraulic cylinders

Our interesting cases

Many manufacturers of telescopic hydraulic cylinders are limited in their capabilities. And they can produce telescopic hydraulic cylinders with certain maximum characteristics. Our company, thanks to its large production fleet and availability of the necessary equipment, has no limitations in its production capabilities. For example, the largest telescopic hydraulic cylinders we have produced have been 500mm diameter cylinders or a cylinder with a working stroke of 32 meters.

Another interesting case in our practice was the production of a combined telescopic hydraulic cylinder. It is used to lift a heavy tall structure into a vertical position. And when all the work is done, our hydraulic cylinder returns the structure to the horizontal position. As the structure is very high and heavy, the telescopic ram worked as usual until it was fully extended to raise it to the vertical position. And when it becomes necessary to return the structure to the horizontal position, the first section of the telescopic hydraulic cylinder operates as a double-acting hydraulic cylinder on retraction to give the initial force and the structure begins to tilt. All other sections are retracted by gravity and the weight of the structure itself, until the structure is lowered to the horizontal position.

Hydraulic cylinders testing

Find out more about our quality control and hydraulic cylinder testing

With our own equipment, we rough and finish hydraulic cylinder parts and can guarantee 100% quality control at all stages of production. Learn more about testing and quality control

 Prior to shipment to the customer, all of the batch we produce is sure to pass a complete quality control and meet the customer's specifications.

High Quality

  • investment icon Honed liners are produced from standard ST52 and special 42CrMo4 materials with an accuracy grade up to H8. Internal surface finish Ra 0,3
  • investment icon Chrome plated rods made from SK45 and 20MnV6 materials. Surface hardness is 60HRC, surface finish is R0.2 and up to 50 mkm chrome plating thickness
  • investment icon Rod and piston seals from standard materials or from combination of selected materials with varying compositions and properties
  • investment icon Wipers, depending on the application, from elastic and resilient polyurethanes and rubbers, hard plastics or Teflon elastomers
  • investment icon Guide and shielding rings made from hard and low-friction materials
  • investment icon Shaft seals: Active parts from rubber and polyurethane groups; reinforcing parts from solid plastics or metal.
rod production process with piston

Hydraulic cylinders to your drawings

Need to manufacture a hydraulic cylinder? We can modify any parameter to your requirements and even produce a hydraulic cylinder of non-standard design.