About double-acting hydraulic cylinders

Double-acting hydraulic cylinders are considered to be more efficient hydraulic engines than single-acting hydraulic cylinders. In double-acting hydraulic cylinders, the force is transmitted in both directions of rod movement. These types of hydraulic cylinders are more functional. They are more widely used in industrial production and are most often responsible for lifting and lowering movements in any mechanism. This type of hydraulic cylinders has a more complex design, because it is necessary to make an additional section of the hydraulic fluid supply to provide the return stroke of the piston with the required force.

Most often, double-acting hydraulic cylinders are used in equipment that works both under difficult conditions and constant loads, as well as in equipment that has quite a wide range of applications in our normal life. Working conditions like these cause a high probability of breakdowns. Therefore, the production of hydraulic cylinder components have to consist of high quality materials. Such as high-alloy carbon steel, and the surface of the rod should be very durable.

The use of rod hydraulic cylinders can be roughly divided into three main types:

exemple of work

Today, it is hard to find an area where these simple and reliable devices are not used. From utilities (snow plows and other special equipment) to the use of hydraulic cylinders in aviation and even aerospace. The simplest example of the use of a hydraulic cylinder in ordinary life is the use of a car jack, which is a classic hydraulic rod cylinder.

Production of double acting hydraulic cylinders

All customers of our company demand very high quality of our products. Our technical department takes a very precise look at the customer's technical requirements before proceeding to the production process. We use state of the art, high precision equipment and software with 3D modeling capability to produce double acting hydraulic cylinders. Our qualified and experienced production staff carefully study every detail of our customers' specifications. Due to our manufacturing capabilities, we have a great confidence of our customers in the production of non-standard double-acting hydraulic cylinders.

We have quite a lot of experience in the production of single-acting and double-acting hydraulic cylinders in our practice. A single-acting cylinder is, we would say, the classic design. We consider the production of hydraulic cylinders with a double rod to be a more interesting option. This type of hydraulic cylinder solves problems where you need the same force for forward and reverse stroke of the rod in your equipment. It also requires extending the rods to the same distance on opposite sides of the cylinder.  This type of hydraulic cylinder is very often used in steering gears of large machinery. 

Hydraulic cylinders to your drawings

Need to manufacture a hydraulic cylinder? We can modify any parameter to your requirements and even produce a hydraulic cylinder of non-standard design.

Our hydraulic cylinder manufacturing process can be divided into several stages:

  • investment icon Obtaining and studying drawings. Careful study of all technical documentation, technical requirements for the finished product, close communication with the customer to clarify all the fine details and nuances before starting production.
  • investment icon Components for production. We have established a reliable supply channels of quality components and raw materials. Due to our close and long-term cooperation with reliable partners, we have priority in supplies, which allows us to start the production in a shorter time.
  • investment icon Production of components for hydraulic cylinders. The machining of all hydraulic cylinder parts is performed on high-precision CNC machines so that the machining accuracy meets all the requirements of the customer's drawings.
  • investment icon Assembly of hydraulic cylinders. All welding work is carried out using the latest equipment and under careful control in order to avoid cracks in the welding seams and no welding faults. All parts with welding seams are subjected to additional leakage and strength tests, and additional customer requirements can also be tested. All welds are cleaned on special machines.
  • investment icon Painting of hydraulic cylinders. We use environmentally friendly coating lines for standard and special coating of hydraulic cylinders. All the hydraulic cylinders are cleaned before the painting process. After cleaning, the primer and paint are applied. If required by the customer, two coats of primer can be applied to increase the strength of the paint. Also at the request of the customer, can be applied several layers of paint and drawing the logo of the customer.
  • investment icon Testing of assembled hydraulic cylinders. All hydraulic cylinders produced by our company undergo compulsory factory tests or tests in accordance with the testing program of the customer.
Two huge hydraulic cylinders

Quality control of hydraulic cylinders

Testing of hydraulic cylinders

Find out more about our quality control and hydraulic cylinder testing

Eurobalt Engineering performs thorough quality control at each stage of manufacture of double-acting hydraulic cylinders. In the production process of components, the accuracy of sleeves, rods and pistons is checked, as well as the thickness and hardness of the rod coating and the purity of the hydraulic oil. All welds are checked for strength and tightness. All assembled hydraulic cylinders are necessarily tested for tightness under pressure that can exceed working pressure by 1.2 to 2.5 times.

 Prior to shipment to the customer, all of the batch we produce is sure to pass a complete quality control and meet the customer's specifications.

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