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Quality Control and Testing of Hydraulic Cylinders

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FMEA analyse

We try to foresee all possible defects and eliminate them before they occur.

Pressure testing

The test pressure is 1.5-2 times higher than the nominal pressure. No bloating effects or material problems.

2-year warranty

We don't limit you, and the warranty period can even be extended at your request.

Quality Control

We in our company understand very well under what loads and under what conditions each hydraulic cylinder we produce will work. We understand very well that in any mechanism where a hydraulic cylinder is used, it is one of the most important units. So it must be reliable. Therefore a simple rule is mandatory in our production: every hydraulic cylinder we manufacture must be of high quality and properly tested. This rule always works and it is unchangeable.

At Eurobalt Engineering we have been manufacturing hydraulic cylinders since the foundation of our company. Hundreds of customers trust us to produce hydraulic cylinders for their machinery and equipment. Therefore we apply quality control at all production levels and every hydraulic cylinder batch does not leave the factory without prior testing.

The customer's requirements for specific lifting power, pressure resistance and temperature performance can only be achieved through quality control. As a customer-oriented company, we use both mechanized complexes and the involvement of quality control engineers. This allows us to make sure that all cylinders in a batch are identical and comply with common European normative standards and those of the customer in each individual order.

quality marks

The high quality standards of our hydraulic cylinders are achieved through several stages, in which controls are carried out from the raw materials entering production to the final product:

  • managment icon Pre-production control: This process involves inspecting incoming raw materials. Raw materials are checked to ensure that the material meets standards and customer requirements. PPI helps establish production timelines and assures new customers that the raw materials meet standards. Inspection is performed by our quality control engineers, who analyze the material to ensure that it meets the standards of the material grade.
  • managment icon Inspection during production: All hydraulic cylinders consist of different parts. These are manufactured using different methods and in different production departments. Therefore all these parts are inspected at every production stage and marked. This way we always know when, where and by whom a part was manufactured. So if a defect is found, the cause and the defect itself are eliminated immediately. Parts are checked again before the hydraulic cylinder is reassembled.
  • managment icon Failure Consequence and Cause Analysis: During an FMEA analysis, as much data is gathered and analyzed as possible. We analyze problems that occurred during the warranty period (if there were any such problems). We forecast problems that may occur during shipping or storage, various changes in the operating conditions of our products, and other possible factors. All this data is entered into a special database and a general analysis and forecasting of failures is made. This enables us to predict failures and take action in advance. FMEA allows us to maintain an efficiency level of 99.4 percent for all hydraulic cylinder parts we produce.
  • managment icon Seals and final quality control: All seals used are purchased from proven suppliers with many years of manufacturing experience. The customer's preference for a particular seal is taken into account for all hydraulic cylinder production. If the customer trusts us to choose the seals, we use seals from manufacturers Trelleborg or Hallite. After the seals are installed and the cylinders are assembled, we do a final check to make sure that all cylinders are working as they should. If no visible leaks are found, the quality inspector monitors the packaging of the hydraulic cylinders as required by the customer.

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Testing of Hydraulic Cylinders

Quality control helps us maintain the standard in all hydraulic cylinder production. The final product can only be shipped to the customer after it has been tested and all requirements for pressure, operating temperature and other required parameters have been met. So testing and quality control is a very important step in production, because the quality and reliability of the hydraulic cylinder is the basis of our production. Here are the general test steps we carry out in all Eurobalt plants, to make you feel confident in our reliability as a partner and in the reliability of our hydraulic cylinders production:


All hydraulic cylinders are thoroughly tested to detect internal and external leaks. 100% of cylinders go through this process: each cylinder is opened and closed to check that parts are within acceptable levels and that seals are holding. We also provide extra seals with each batch and cylinder disassembly kits, just in case.


To make sure there are no bloating effects or material problems, a pressure test is performed that is 1.5 times the normal operating pressure of the cylinder in service. It is not recommended that a hydraulic cylinder be operated above its rated working pressure, but the test makes sure that there is no internal bloat or distortion during the intended use of the cylinder. This test extends the piston rods as far as they will go and keeps them under pressure for a period of time. This helps assure the quality and integrity of the seals. Oil leaks lead to reduced performance of hydraulic cylinders, so we take special care to make sure all cylinders are leak-proof and stay that way during the warranty period.


The test stand is used to measure the pressure exerted by the cylinder. To measure the impact force, the cylinder is pushed against a barrier. For double-acting cylinders, the reverse pulling force is also measured, and all figures and test results are provided to the customer upon request.

After verifying the quality of the assembly of the manufactured batch and performing the entire set of tests, we provide a 2-year warranty on all cylinders. The warranty period can be extended at the customer's request. All this is an additional guarantee for our customers that the cylinders purchased from our company are trustworthy.