About Single-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

A single-acting hydraulic cylinder is a hydraulic machine that converts the energy of the working fluid into power to move the working mechanism. The range of applications for single acting hydraulic cylinders is very wide.

Hydraulic cylinders are a very important part of the hydraulic system of the machine and are very often exposed to extreme loads and operating conditions. Therefore, Eurobalt Engineering pays special attention to all the components we use in the production of single-acting hydraulic cylinders. We have been manufacturing single-acting hydraulic cylinders for several years, according to customer drawings, for various types of hydraulic equipment and different operating conditions. Many of our customers work with us with confidence, placing orders for large and medium series and expecting long-term cooperation with us. Our main priorities in work are high quality, reasonable price, stability and success of our customers in realization of their projects. The success of our customers is also our success.

Most of our customers are large and medium-sized manufacturing companies that design and produce hydraulic modules for various types of equipment. In many cases this equipment does not require standard hydraulic cylinders and the customers require us to manufacture hydraulic cylinders according to their drawings. Many of the systems, machines, or components that our customers build are designed to operate under different conditions and with different power loads. For example, we manufacture hydraulic cylinders for use in aggressive environments (high humidity, constant contact with salt water, high or low temperature conditions). Progress does not stand still and our customers more and more often order non-standard hydraulic cylinders with special designs. Equipment is becoming more complex and customized and it is not always possible to use standard hydraulic cylinders. For various equipment, we produce hydraulic cylinders with increased strength, hydraulic cylinders for use under dynamic load, hydraulic cylinders with restricted dimensions, or high-speed hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic cylinders to your drawings

Need to manufacture a hydraulic cylinder? We can modify any parameter to your requirements and even produce a hydraulic cylinder of non-standard design.

Manufacture of single-acting hydraulic cylinders

Today Eurobalt has the manufacturing and engineering capabilities to manufacture a wide range of hydraulic cylinders for different equipment and with different performance characteristics. Thanks to our manufacturing capabilities, there are no limits to the piston diameter, piston rod diameter, stroke and capacity of the hydraulic cylinders that we produce. We select carefully the materials for our hydraulic cylinders with the highest level of quality and reliability.

We use quality components to ensure that our products conform to high standards:

High quality piston and rod seals, wipers, guides and wear rings

By customer's order any parameters of the hydraulic cylinder can be changed: piston diameter and stroke of the piston rod; hydraulic cylinder mounting type; working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder; fluid parameters; hydraulic cylinder body painting; even the design can be changed. All these properties are specified by the customer in the drawings and technical specifications before production begins.

Quality control

The Eurobalt group pays great attention to quality control in the production of single-acting hydraulic cylinders. Quality control is carried out at all stages of production, where special attention is paid to the procurement of components, production and testing. One of the most important steps in quality control we consider checking or testing of the hydraulic cylinders produced. Testing is performed for strength, pressure tightness and other parameters specified by the customer in the drawing and technical specification.

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