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Eurobalt is one of the largest suppliers of hydraulic cylinders in Europe and offers you standard and customized hydraulic solutions that fit all types of industrial equipment. We are a complete supplier of hydraulic systems that are designed for long-lasting and efficient operation and guarantee high performance of your equipment. We can design and manufacture hydraulic cylinders of any complexity and configuration. All you have to do is send us your drawings and we will provide a full cycle of production and delivery of the necessary batches.

Reliable supplier of hydraulic cylinders in the EU

Hydraulic cylinders manufacturing

Single acting hydraulic cylinders

Manufacturing and supply of hydraulic cylinders. We produce all components ourselves. 

Double acting hydraulic cylinders

Production of hydraulic cylinders according to your drawings.

Telescopic hydraulic

Production of hydraulic cylinders for all industries.

Hydraulic cylinders

according to your requirements



Yours drawing is obligatory for this type of order.



Any parameter of hydraulic cylinder can be customized.



Chrome or paint in any colour you desire. 



100% quality control at all stages of production.

Use our experience in manufacturing

Eurobalt Engineering has many years of experience in the manufacture and assembly of hydraulic cylinders. Use our experience to your advantage and get comprehensive service from a single source.

All hydraulic cylinder components and their assembly are made on site. Our team's many years of experience in design, production and assembly are at your disposal.

Hydraulic Cylinders Batch packed
Hydraulic cylinders manufacturing


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