Advantages of custom hydraulic cylinders

The most important component in almost all hydraulic systems is the hydraulic cylinder. Different manufacturers produce a huge number of hydraulic cylinders with different characteristics and capabilities. Manufacturers produce both standard hydraulic cylinders and custom hydraulic cylinders. Non-standard hydraulic cylinders are cylinders that are produced according to individual customer's needs, for a specific type of equipment and according to customer's drawings. Very often equipment manufacturers do not have the possibility to use standard solutions. To ensure precise and correct operation of the equipment, custom hydraulic cylinders are designed for a specific type of equipment.

non-standart hydraulic cylinder

Non-standard hydraulic cylinders are designed to the individual requirements of specific equipment, specific operating conditions of this equipment and calculated for specific loads. In all cases, these cylinders must comply with all necessary standards in the industry. When designing this type of hydraulic cylinders, almost all parts of the hydraulic cylinder can be changed. Engineers can change the appearance, form, types of mountings, and the manufacturing material of the hydraulic cylinder body, piston and piston rod. Completely different types of external protective coatings can be applied, depending on operating conditions. And also, completely different types of coatings of internal elements of hydraulic cylinders made to order.

The main difference between custom hydraulic cylinders and standard cylinders is its cost and production time. For the design of non-standard hydraulic cylinders a different number of personnel from different departments of the company can be involved. Also, the development and design process itself takes quite a long time. Therefore, the design and production of non-standard hydraulic cylinders takes more time and is more costly in terms of finances.

Custom hydraulic cylinders are suitable for lifting and pushing heavy loads. The main difference between a custom hydraulic cylinder and a standard cylinder is cost and availability. The cost associated with the design, manufacture and production of a custom hydraulic cylinder is comparatively higher than that of a standard hydraulic cylinder. Also, non-standard cylinders take longer to manufacture than standard cylinders. Completely different types of hydraulic cylinders can be designed and produced for each type of equipment, while the production of standard hydraulic cylinders is set up once and is of a serial nature.

Standard hydraulic cylinders in production are divided into separate types and groups, such as single-acting and double-acting hydraulic cylinders and telescopic hydraulic cylinders. They can be divided into subgroups according to size or capacity and so on. Whereas, custom hydraulic cylinders are exclusively individual products that are designed and manufactured according to industry standards, its strength characteristics, service life, required safety conditions and so on. But in spite of all this, non-standard hydraulic cylinders have a number of undeniable advantages.

  • Flexibility in dimensions - individual sizes, port and mounting locations, mounting methods, and so on.
  • Reliability and durability of equipment, as the hydraulic cylinder is designed for a specific type of equipment taking into account all necessary requirements.
  • Easy maintenance - design for specific equipment makes it possible to lay the opportunities for quick maintenance.
  • High reliability and performance of the system due to consideration of all necessary parameters and operating conditions at the design stage.

There are many more advantages of manufacturing nonstandard hydraulic cylinders. One of the main activities of Eurobalt company is production of custom hydraulic cylinders according to customer's drawings. We provide full production cycle of hydraulic cylinders and are one of the most reliable suppliers of hydraulic cylinders in European market. Eurobalt is always open to cooperation and is ready to provide all our capabilities to achieve the best results for our customers.

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