The development of various industries, modernization of equipment to reduce environmental impact, downsizing of technological equipment, etc., many of these tasks require the use of hydraulic cylinders or replacement of standard hydraulic cylinders with telescopic hydraulic cylinders.

Manufacturing experience

Our manufacturing experience, our capabilities in production of hydraulic cylinders, and the quality of our products have all allowed our company to develop a substantial portfolio of customers. We can produce a hydraulic cylinder with even up to 32 meters of lift height and up to 350 tons of lifting capacity. Therefore, among our customers there are manufacturers of dump trucks, powerful hydraulic presses for industrial use, crane cylinder, and even unique complex equipment for seaports. The applications of our hydraulic cylinders are not limited to just one industrial sector.

Reliable partner

If you need a reliable partner in the production and supply of hydraulic cylinders, please contact us in any way convenient for you. Eurobalt listens to and hears its clients, we understand their needs and we are always ready to help. We will be happy to discuss production possibilities, answer your questions and make you an excellent offer of price, quality, and a long-term cooperation.