Hydraulic cylinders are so widely used due to their reliability, working accuracy, easy control of operation, and a wide range of capacities. For example, in metal cutting machines, hydraulics makes it possible to achieve high precision and safety. In injection molding machines, hydraulics ensures excellent energy efficiency, high performance and accuracy.


Look around you, at home, at work, on the street, almost all the things we see around us or that we use in our daily lives one way or another are made using equipment with hydraulics in its design.

In the times of rapid development of mechanical engineering and technological equipment, there are practically no fields of industry left where hydraulic cylinders are not used. Manipulators for automated production lines, high-tech injection molding machines, metalworking lathes, equipment for lifting and transporting goods, various transport vehicles, you name it. It is probably easier to list the types of equipment where hydraulic cylinders are not applied.


One of the leading applications of hydraulic cylinders is in the construction sector. Hydraulic cylinders allow construction equipment to change the speed and thrust force of all sorts of construction operations right on the spot.