Hydraulic cylinder parts

Extending the service life of hydraulic cylinders

In any hydraulic system or equipment that uses hydraulic actuators, the most important element is the hydraulic cylinder. This element works under heavy loads and high pressures to ensure proper functioning of all equipment. Failure or breakdown of a hydraulic cylinder affects the operation of the entire machine or the entire production chain, which can have unpleasant consequences (downtime, loss of profit, repair costs, etc.). It becomes obvious that proper operation and timely maintenance have a direct impact on the duration and quality of operation of the hydraulic system and equipment as a whole.

The type of particular equipment or machine and the operating conditions that hydraulic systems use in their work have a great influence on the duration and quality of the hydraulic cylinders works. But the constant rule for all kinds of hydraulic systems is their proper operation and timely maintenance.

Basic rules for operating hydraulic cylinders

One of the main rules when using machines with a hydraulic system is to use a hydraulic actuator that can withstand the load created in the hydraulic system. Let us explain this in simple words: we do not recommend the installation of hydraulic cylinders in equipment with a hydraulic system that is not designed for the actual pressure created in the oil lines. And you shouldn't do that even if your engineer is confident that the difference will be very small. Because even the smallest difference, even a tenth of a percent, immediately begins to adversely affect the resource of the hydraulic cylinder and the equipment as a whole.

For this reason, hydraulic systems are equipped with safety valves that help extend the operating life of the equipment. For this reason, when selecting hydraulic cylinders, it is important to ensure that the models chosen are suitable for the types of oil pumps to be used in the equipment.

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We also recommend observing other general recommendations that will help extend the service life of hydraulic cylinders:

  • The viscosity of the hydraulic fluid must be appropriate for the type of hydraulic cylinder.
  • Oil and filter change should be obligatory and timely.
  • Check the tightness of the whole system.
  • Mandatory control of oil temperature.

If the oil viscosity does not match the hydraulic cylinder's rating, it will significantly reduce its service life. If the oil is thicker, it will increase the stress on the hydraulic cylinder components. Oil that is too thin will get hotter and the hydraulic cylinder will wear out much faster.

Regular oil changes are also very important. Because then the physical and chemical characteristics remain stable and this also has a strong effect on the service life of the hydraulic motor. Timely change of filters prevents impurities they filter out (dust and other mechanical impurities) from entering the working fluid.

Regular inspection to check the tightness of the whole hydraulic system prevents loss of hydraulic fluid itself. The absence of fluid loss greatly reduces the amount of idle load on the hydraulic cylinder. Another advantage of a pressurized system is that no humidity can get into it from the environment. This ensures that the hydraulic cylinders are not subject to corrosion. 

When the hydraulic oil is overheated its structure changes and very often it becomes more fluid. As we wrote earlier, thinner oil heats up more easily, which increases the wear of hydraulic cylinder components and significantly reduces their service life. More fluid oil increases the probability of loss of tightness of the hydraulic system. Therefore, it is very important to monitor both the readings and the working fluid temperature sensors and control equipment in general.

These are general recommendations that will help extend the life of hydraulic cylinders and can be applied to all hydraulic machinery and equipment. Applying our simple recommendations will help you increase the service life of hydraulic cylinders and extend the service life of hydraulic systems in any industrial equipment or machinery.

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