Guided by our experience

by Eurobalt brand

Guided by our experience, we can confidently say that a high level can be achieved in the production of hydraulic cylinders. Quality components, modern automated assembly lines, control at all stages give the necessary result. Products manufactured by Eurobalt brand are fully compliant with ISO 3320 for welded models and ISO 6020 for threaded connections. That's why we are confident in our warranty on every hydraulic cylinder we make.

If the design of your machine requires a non-standard hydraulic cylinder, you can have it manufactured to your drawings by us. For this you need to send us the drawings, technical requirements and a description of the application beforehand, which will give us the opportunity for a detailed study. We are not afraid of non-standard dimensions!  We can offer all types of mounts to fit the design features of your equipment, from fixed to movable on ball joints.

If you need your hydraulic cylinder to stand out with a special color and striking logo, it's no problem for us. If you need a special protective coating, that's no problem for us either. If you need to use special or additional seals to ensure tightness under extreme conditions and high loads - we do that, too.

The way of the hydraulic cylinder

From production to the customer

Before you get your hydraulic cylinder, it goes through a certain process cycle.

Stage One

After studying the task

assigned to us,

our engineers work out the best steps to solve it. They will apply all our achievements and our experience. Our trusted partners will assist us in every way they can. We will make a working drawing of your hydraulic cylinder, which we will agree with you. We will coordinate and obtain your approval for each technical document. We will agree on the production terms and delivery conditions. Then we will give the drawing to production.


Stage two

We start to work

with components for your hydraulic cylinder.

For a fairly long period of production of hydraulic cylinders we have managed to attract reliable suppliers of quality raw materials and components. We have established close business and partnership relations with them. This allows us to quickly get all what we need for our production, from raw materials to necessary production tools. And our direct partnership and long-term relationship guarantees the absence of intermediary margin. Thanks to this our prices are much more favorable than those of our competitors and, first of all, our customer wins. You get high quality hydraulic cylinders for a reasonable price.


Components for cylinders
Stage three

Production of parts

and components for your hydraulic cylinder begins.

During machining, special attention is paid to the mating inner and outer surfaces. This is very important for the smooth running of the piston and the durability of the cylinder. All components of the future hydraulic cylinder are manufactured on very carefully and precisely tuned and tested machines. Surface roughness and surface finish are continuously monitored.


Production parts for your hydraulic cylinder
Stage four

We assemble the first

hydraulic cylinders by hand.

All responsible engineers and project managers are involved in the process. All welding and cleaning results are monitored and checked, including by ultrasonic testing. After bench testing and careful performance monitoring we start serial production of hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinder parts
Stage five

The produced hydraulic cylinders

are cleaned and primed with two layers of primer.

Depending on your specifications, the required number of coats of paint or varnish is applied. The surfaces are dried under the necessary conditions.

Stage six

Manufactured hydraulic cylinders

are prepared for operation and factory testing and tests are performed.

All parameters and indicators are checked against customer specifications and generally accepted European norms. Testing can also be carried out according to the customer's test program. All goes well and the hydraulic cylinders are ready for use.

Telescopic hydraulic cylinder testing
Stage seven

The whole batch goes

through the technical control department.

This is the final step of our quality control system by which we give the official factory guarantee and additional guarantee on request. The manufactured batch is factory registered, certified and ready to be packed and shipped to the customer.

Ready Cylinders big

And even after the customer has accepted our manufactured batch of hydraulic cylinders, we do not stop. Our project managers are always in direct contact with customers. It is important for us to know how our products work for continuous improvement. We are open for cooperation with you. See for yourself that it is easy, convenient and reliable with us.