Features of ram hydraulic cylinders

The ram hydraulic cylinders are one of the many hydraulic cylinders available. This type of hydraulic cylinders has a very wide range of applications and has proven to be very reliable.  Ram (plunger) hydraulic cylinders are widely used in manufacturing equipment, for example, in lifting heavy trailers.

As the name implies, there is a plunger in the design. The ram is a large diameter rod that is set in motion by the pressure of the hydraulic fluid. And the return to its original position is basically under the weight of the object it lifts. A fairly simple design consists of a body ( tube), the rod itself, seals and a wiper ring.

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The main difference of this type hydraulic cylinders

From the above, it is easy to understand that plunger hydraulic cylinders do not have a piston. The hydraulic fluid acts on a large-diameter rod. Since there is no piston with sealing rings, the cylinder surface does not require any special chrome plating. The cylinder functions perfectly without it. These design features can be called the main difference between the plunger (ram) hydraulic cylinder and other piston models. All other characteristics can be attributed to the performance indicators. Thanks to its design, this type of hydraulic cylinder has a high load capacity. The design includes safety valves that activate in the event of overloading.

Advantages of plunger hydraulic cylinders

Some of the most important advantages of ram hydraulic cylinders are their reliability, simple design and uncomplicated production (less inner surface cleanliness requirements, no need for chrome plating), and lower production costs. Ram hydraulic cylinders have a large capacity with smaller size and durability. There are quite a few modifications for different types of equipment.

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