Front-end telescopic cylinders

During our long work in the market of front-end hydraulic cylinders, our division constantly carries out market research and follows trends. Our main customers who order front-end hydraulic cylinders from us are dump truck and trailer manufacturers. Our research showed that half of dump truck and trailer manufacturers in Europe have installed world famous hydraulic cylinders (Binotto, Penta and others) on their products.

With the current situation in the world economy, when prices for raw materials are constantly growing, when companies have to raise salaries to employees, and logistics costs have increased several times, many are looking for ways to reduce fixed costs. For this reason, we had a lot of direct meetings and video conferences with our existing and potential customers, where we were asked the same question – can they count on us in terms of reliability and price stability of our products. And the answer to these questions is always the same: Yes, you can count on us and below you’ll read why.

Front-end hydraulic cylinder with cup

Replacement of expensive hydraulic cylinders of well-known brands.

We have developed and brought to market our own front-end hydraulic cylinder equivalents that are absolutely identical in performance and features to hydraulic cylinders from reputable manufacturers. As a result, we got identical quality and lower price. You can completely replace expensive front-end hydraulic cylinders of famous manufacturers with our cylinders and you do not have to readjust or incur any costs for readjustment of your production.

We provide constant quality control, we take warranty and offer high level of service to our customers. We are always in favor of partnerships.

  1. Send us drawings or catalog number (e.g. Hyva catalog number: FE A110-3-03150-009-K1400-HD-HC)
  2. Our engineers will process your request according to the quantity you need.
  3. Our manager will give you a quote, which will be hard for you to reject.
  4. After placing your order, we will start a successful cooperation.

Full interchangeability, full compliance with all characteristics and requirements, quality and warranty, low price of front-end hydraulic cylinders.

Send us a request with drawings or catalog number

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