In which equipment hydraulic cylinders are used

Mining equipment always works under very harsh conditions. Not only does it have to withstand heavy loads, but it also has to do so over a long period of time. This is a factor in reliability and a factor in safety. For this reason, hydraulic cylinders for mining machinery must have a higher capacity, withstand high loads and be more resistant to wear and tear.

Eurobalt is successfully coping with this and produces a wide range of more powerful high and medium pressure hydraulic cylinders up to 460 bar, which are specially designed for use in mining equipment. These hydraulic cylinders are designed to operate under extreme temperature conditions (-40°C to 100°C)

Steering hydraulic cylinders: Used in the steering of heavy mining equipment.

Hydraulic cylinders for crane boom lift: responsible for lifting the boom of mobile cranes and relieving the load on the boom.

Hydraulic cylinders for suspension: used in the suspension of the chassis of heavy mining equipment. These cylinders are particularly strong and have additional rod protection.

Hydraulic cylinders for the bucket: are decisive in the digging power of excavators.

Hydraulic cylinders for tilting: used in tilting trailers. These cylinders are subjected to very high loads. They must be very strong and be able to withstand a load of up to 100 tons.

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Characteristics of hydraulic cylinders for mining equipment

Dimensions, weight and strength

Eurobalt manufactures hydraulic cylinders for mining equipment that are characterized by special dimensions, high wear resistance and very high strength. The body and piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder are made only of high quality steel. Ultrasonic defectoscopy is used in the manufacturing process. This ensures the absence of any defects in the strength of the product. Weight, dimensions and compliance with various standards and additional requirements of our customers are also monitored.


We use specially designed seals for this type of hydraulic cylinders. Mining equipment operates in environments where dust, sand and other abrasive substances are abundant. Our seals prevent these substances from entering the cylinder and protect against hydraulic fluid leaks.

Piston rod

After the manufacturing process, the rods undergo high-frequency induction hardening, chrome plating, and nickel plating. This increases rod strength, corrosion resistance, and prevents premature wear and other damage. The surface of the rod is made perfectly smooth to retain the oil film.


On request we equip our hydraulic cylinders with additional equipment. We install shock absorbers to absorb dynamic shocks. The list of optional equipment also includes shut-off valves, stroke counters and piston stroke speed controllers.


hydraulic cylinders manufacturing


hydraulic cylinders manufacturing


hydraulic cylinders manufacturing

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