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One of the most important parts in forklifts is the hydraulic cylinder, because it is responsible for the work for which the forklift is designed. It is through the use of hydraulic cylinders in forklifts that the telescopic boom sections are extended, the boom itself is lifted and lowered, the load is lifted and lowered, the width of the forks of the forklift is adjusted. Particular attention can be paid to the hydraulic cylinders that are used in the steering of the loader. It should be noted that almost all special equipment has steering, which is based on the use of hydraulic cylinders. It is thanks to the hydraulic cylinders, the forklift operator can easily operate the forklift truck, moving large amounts of heavy loads without applying any heavy effort. Operation is easy and the operator gets immediate response to his actions. Almost all hydraulic cylinders share a basic design that consists of: rear and front hydraulic cylinder caps; hydraulic cylinder housing; hydraulic cylinder rod; hydraulic cylinder piston. 

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The hydraulic cylinder is also designed with seals that provide a tight seal and keep dirt out. It's not just the quality of the seals that's required to keep it all working with the same efficiency over the long term. The quality and perfect surface finish of the outer surface of the rod and the inner surface of the sleeve are important.

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Types and purpose of hydraulic cylinders in forklifts

Let’s start with the forklift boom hydraulic cylinder. We should pay special attention to this type of cylinder. Since the forklift boom consists of several sections and has the ability to extend and slide back, it uses double-acting hydraulic cylinders, which provide these capabilities.

Hydraulic cylinders are responsible for lifting the load. Particular attention is paid to dimensions, maximum stroke and rod diameter. Because these parameters are responsible for the load capacity of the forklift. Also important is the speed of operation, the way in which the hydraulic cylinder will be mounted on the appropriate unit for the loader. Also of great importance is the material from which the cylinder parts are made. Depending on the operating conditions of the forklift, additional parameters can be used to protect the cylinder against external influences of the aggressive environment.


According to statistics, about 50% of all breakdowns are related to the hydraulic system of the forklift truck. Since this system carries one of the main loads, you should be very careful in choosing high-quality hydraulic cylinders. This question is especially relevant for manufacturers of special equipment. Working with our company, you can be confident in the quality of our hydraulic cylinders. Our many years of production experience, our loyal customers and our team of professionals are the proof of this.

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